Saturday, 14 January 2017

2017 Q1 Finish along

Unfortunately for me I didn't manage to link up my finishes in time - boo! But I did have some finishes! Which is what counts right? I finished the pink quilt for my niece Megan, made a Noodlehead Supertote and openwide pouch and two fabric envelopes. Maybe I will get to blogging about them in the future...

Some things will carry forward on my list, some have been added and some will come off the list. I've recently moved from South Africa to England and therefore quite a lot of unfinished projects have had to stay in Caper Town, waiting for me to live there once more. Perhaps they will come over here eventually, but there certainly wasn't space for them in my luggage! As it was a disproportionate amount of weight/space in my luggage allowance was on sewing things!

Without further ado, let me write down my hopeful finishes!

1. Plus Quilt

 My big long term quilt project is a quilt using Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis . I have loved this line since it came out,but couldn't find it in SOuth Africa. I knew Craftsy was still selling it, but they didn't deliver to SA. So when I knew I was moving to the UK I splurged and bought the cool fat quarter bundle.

I plan to make a double bed (twin) plus quilt with it, with a white background. To that end, I bought the Simple Addition quilt pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I have also bought white backgrond fabric from Tikki London.

2. Liberty mini quilt

This next project is also a new one. I bought a Liberty min quilt kit from Tikki London . I love Liberty fabric, it is so beautiful and soft and extravagant. My aunt had given me gift vouchers for Tikki so this seemed like a good project to use it on - something I might not necessarily have bought otherwise. The below pictures are from the kit. 

3. Cosy comforter

This is a beanbag to put in the microwave to heat and keep you warm. It is filled with barley. I have made progress since 2016 Q4 - I have sewn the outer bag and the inner. It still needs to be filled with barley, sewn shut and sewn into divided areas though. This picture is from before it had been sewn into the bag, and compared the new fabric to the older fabric that had been used and slightly burnt! It is Liberty pincord, so gorgeous! I can't take a new progress shot because I am at my uncle & aunt's house for the weekend and all my sewing stuff is back where I live. 

4. Shirt

This is also a carry over from last quarter. It just (just!) needs buttons and buttonholes. 

5. Liberty mini quilt

These liberty fabrics were bought a couple of years ago from Ali at VeryBerry fabrics, who was very helpful. Sadly she no longer seems to sell Liberty, but her blog veryberryhandmade is lovely. I have 20 charm squares, all different (bottom left in the picture) as well as 7 fat sixteenths. I think I'd like to use a windmill block, simple but showcasing the fabric. Last quarter I said I wanted to use yarn-dyed Essex linen but couldn't find any. When I ordered my Blueberry Park fqb I also ordered some Essex yarn dyed linen so this is one step closer! 

6. Chevron tote bag

I made these chevrons quite a while ago and would like to make them into a basic tote bag. I even have the turquoise fabric to go with them. Like many projects, it hasn't been made yet! The fabric is Prince Charming, by Tula Pink, and I got the fat quarters from a fabric shop that has since closed. I think this fabric is coming to London with a friend of mine (it didn't fit in my luggage!) but can't remember what made the cut for coming with her and what had to live in Cape Town a while longer. I'm fairly sure it is coming to London...

7. Stash quilt

In May 2015 I went on a quilting weekend away and got too anxious to sew. Instead I cut a 5" strip from every fabric I had and then subcut into 4.5" squares. I still have some squares to cut and then it needs to be sewn together in a simple dark/light square combination. I love that I know the story behind each fabric. My stash wasn't/isn't very big, hence being able to do this! 

8. Neighbourhood charm quilt

Many years ago my lovely aunt (see above for our fabric bond) bought me this road15 charm pack. Right from the beginning I wanted to make a Neigbourhood charm quilt with it. I thought it would be fun to play on the little houses theme with  housey/roady fabric.

9.  Sherbet Pips quilt

Sherbet Pips, by Aneela Hooey, was one of the first fabric collections I loved. I googled it and loved it and googled it some more. Then, fortuitously, my friend went to America. I spoke VERY nicely to her and she brought fabric back for me. Chief among these was two Sherbet Pips charm packs, a grey & white Kona solids charm pack and two yards of 'Girl on a tree swing', my favourite print. I'd like to make these into a quilt eventually. (I think this is also coming to London with my friend). 

10. Zipper pouches

Who knows why I have so very many zippers! I am completely flummoxed... I'd like to make a little zipper pouch to store my wonder clips in. I have to choose between the three florals on the left (decisions, decisions) and will likely use the smallest pink zip that it at the front. I couldn't resist photographing them all though, it is pretty impressive for someone who hasn't really made anything with a zip!

I wrote the above in October 2016. I am proud to say that I successfully made an openwide pouch in December. It looks great and I am thrilled with how it looks. Now I want to make more zipper pouches! Both flat pouches and more openwide pouches by noodlehead. 

11.  Bucket basket tote

I adore this William Morris Apprentice fabric - isn't it beautiful? I'd like to make the Bucket basket tote . I will need to buy interfacing to make this because the interfacing was left behind in Cape Town. 

12.  London Modern Quilt Guild Challenge

I went to my first LMQG meeting last Sunday and enjoyed it. We were each given a small scrap bag of Liberty fabric and challenged to make a modern mini quilt with it. At least one re-used fabric needs to be used and no rulers are allowed (except for squaring up at the end). I'm quite nervous! Luckily I have until July to complete this. (Image taken from the London MCQ blog, because I don't have my specific scrap pack with me)

My list isn't as long as last quarters, but I am definitely not going to finish everything on it anytime soon. But I might as well have it on the list!



  1. Good luck with all your projects this quarter. You've got some fun ones on it.

  2. You have some beautiful fabrics and some exciting projects on that list.
    Good luck with getting through it, though I'm sure you wont need luck with the inspiration that the fabrics will provide.