Tuesday, 8 July 2014

I have a few things that I have made over the past year or two that I never took photos of and never showed. So here are a few makes that do have photographs (I am notoriously bad at taking photographs. I have a slight phobia you could say!)

Arran and Ethan are two gorgeous boys I have the pleasure of being friends with. For their birthdays (Arran turned 5 and Ethan turned 2) I decided to make them some long sleeved t-shirts for Winter. Correction: there is NO WAY I made these shirts - I bought them and embellished them! :) My original plan was to applique dinosaurs since Arran had a dinosaur themed birthday party. However I then remembered this cute alien fabric I had. In hindsight it would have been better to to one of two things: 1)Make aliens out of plain fabric or 2) Do a square/circle of the alien fabric. But I did both together which is why they are a little busy and it is difficult to see the shape. Oh well, next time I will know better! I still think they are pretty darn cute though! Ethan put his on straight away and insisted on wearing it to bed since I gave it to him in the evening. (Don't you love grateful recipients?)

A googly-eyed monster for Arran
A crazy haired monster for Ethan
The next make I am showing you was for Ethan as well. This I made way back in 2012. I made it and gave it to him - well, his mom - without taking any photographs. His dad takes AMAZING photos and I was promised photos but, unsurprisingly, it was never high on the priority list and photo's were never taken. Nevermind, this time I came prepared! When I gave the boys their alien t-shirts I borrowed my mums camera and made sure to take photos of the quilt as well. More than a year and a half later I have photographic evidence that I made this! Hooray! This quilt is made from a Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat panel. It is actually made from nearly 2 panels (hence the repeated 'blocks') but I cut off a column of blocks on the right hand side so that it would a) fit the backing and b) so it it would be a more useful size. Everywhere there was a square on the panels I would quilt around it. This quilt is backed in the perfect turquoise flannel - I wish I had bought oodles of it because it is warm and good quality and lovely. I didn't do any batting and used the flannel to 'bind' the quilt on the front. I am very proud of this as it is/was my first proper quilty finish.

Cat in the Hat Quilt

Ethan wondering why I am making him lie down on his quilt!
Watching tv wrapped up to keep out the cold
Close up of the cute panel I used to make this quilt

Showing the square quilting on the back.
My very basic 'quilt label'

Precious boys
I will have more pictures for you over the coming week or two (I hope!) as I find pictures/take pictures of things I have made already.


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